New At Park&Fly - Secure Parking Near Sofia Airport

icon 26-04-2023
With our commitment to high-quality service and convenience, we are happy to announce some 😍 exciting updates and enhancements to our services!

Since 2018, we've been making it easier to find parking at Sofia Airport.

icon 18-03-2022
With over 250 positive reviews, a high level of service, and reasonable prices, we have the right to call ourselves a reliable and affordable parking for anyone who loves their car to be safe while enjoying their ride!

Facts about Sofia Airport

icon 16-02-2019
Park&Fly is something more than a parking. It offers you a variety of quality services that make your life easier and save you both time and money. It’s a priority for the parking’s staff to offer their clients convenience and comfort. They strive to meet all specific needs of their clients. Parking Park & Fly offers its clients a parking made up of just three steps that makes your life easier. Facts speak by themselves. The parking had an increase in the number of its clients in the last few years. This proves the high quality of the services of the parking.  The success of the parking is due to the increased flow of passengers to Sofia Airport. There is no doubt that the airport experienced considerable development in the last two decades. When Terminal 2 is opened in 2009 the airport achieved a capacity of 2000 passengers per hour. The airport is built in such a way to have the capacity to take the expected passengers load in 2020.  But Terminal 2 reached its peak passenger load much earlier - in 2014.

Plug in charging – the newest service of parking  Park and Fly

icon 16-10-2018
Plug in charging – the newest service of parking  Park and Fly. Now parking Park and Fly has some news for you. The parking offers the service electric cars charging with Plug in contacts, which is a really practical option for electric automobile owners. For the moment the parking offers just a regular Plug in contacts charging  but really soon it will offer more modern charge stations too. Plug in hybrid automobiles are the latest fashion trend in the development of automobile technologies. They are known as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles or in (PHEV). Petrol or diesel engines of some plug-in car models are used not for propelling the vehicle but for recharging the batteries instead. These cars are called Extended-Range Electric Vehicles or EREV in short. Their batteries charge from the electrical network.

Electric cars and the future

icon 08-10-2018
Facts about electric automobiles and their history in brief: Future has never been closer than it’s now thanks to the speedy development of new technologies. The predictions are that really soon the whole world will drive electric cars. But whether these predictions will become true and what is the reason behind the million-dollar investments in technological research by world companies? One thing is for sure – electric car technologies have developed very fast in the past decades and there aren’t any signs for them to stop.  Currently, electric cars’ mileage is 70% higher than this of the electric cars manufactured in 2011.
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