Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions constitute to regulate all commercial and non-commercial relationships between Sofia Park Solutions Ltd (Park and fly) and its customers. For all other issues and situations not covered here, we apply Bulgarian legislation.


We accept that each client made a reservation through the company's website (www.parkandfly.bg), www.parkvia.com, www.travelcar.com or parked on the territory of a parking lot managed by Sofia Park Solutions Ltd. accepts and agrees with these terms and conditions.


Sofia Park Solutions Ltd. undertakes to provide a parking space for a car, to any of its clients who made a reservation in any of the aforementioned ways or parked directly in a car park operated by the company.
The parking lots rented from Sofia Park Solutions Ltd. are with shed and sizes respectively:

Width: 230 cm.

Length: 500 cm.


Employees of Sofia Park Solutions Ltd. may refuse to accept on the parking lot a vehicle, even if a reservation has been made for it in the following cases:

- when the vehicle is larger than the above-mentioned dimensions of a parking cell and the vehicle cannot fit in a single parking cell

-when the vehicle pollutes, noise or cause damage to the parking lot or to other vehicles

- at the discretion of the employees of Sofia Park Solutions Ltd. for potential damage of any nature and character


The Client certifies that he is the owner of the vehicle (or that he is authorized by the owner to use it) and that the vehicle is in proper running condition, insured, in accordance with all applicable legal requirements and contains the registration certificate.


If the reservation is made by a third party, the latter is jointly responsible for the contractual obligations of the Client. The third party may only take precedence over the rights of the Client under the Contract if Sofia Park Solutions LTD. accepts the transfer in writing.


The prices of the services offered by Sofia Park Solutions Ltd. are announced on the company's website in Bulgarian levs. Payments are made in cash, by debit or credit card on the spot and only in Bulgarian Levs.


Reservations and cancellation of reservations are absolutely free for all Sofia Park Solutions Ltd. customers. There is no extra charge in the event of no-show. Sofia Park Solutions Ltd. reserves the right not to make reservations to customers at your own discretion.


Sofia Park Solutions Ltd. is not responsible for any damages caused by third parties or other customers of the company. Sofia Park Solutions Ltd. provides all available information like video recordings and testimonies to the injured parties.

If the client wishes to stay longer than 3 months, the client should notify the employees of Sofia Park Solutions Ltd. if he has arrived without reservation.

In case the client does not pay the due fees for the service for a period longer than 12 months, the contract concluded between Sofia Park Solutions EOOD and the client will be considered terminated without the need for notice or notification. In this case Sofia Park Solutions EOOD has the right to remove the car from the parking lot and is not responsible for property or non-property damages suffered by the client as a result of the removal.