History of the parking. How the idea for the first parking is born?

icon 27-02-2018

първият паркинг в историята

The history of the parking is really intriguing. It began in 1935. The first parking was named Park-O-Meter No. 1 and was built on First Street and Robinson Avenue in Oklahoma City. The idea of creating a place where people can park was owned by Carl. He moved from New Mexico to Oklahoma in 1927 and had a rich past. Working as a reporter for the newspaper “Albuquerque”. Carl had an important role in the so called during that time Teapot Dome bribery scandal in the oil industry in 20th century. This scandal got its name from the oil field Teapot Dome in Wyoming. The scandal discredits president Warren Harding. Albert Fall who was then-secretary of the interior was also involved in the scandal.  He was accused of giving government lands for rent to oil companies in exchange for personal gifts and loans. He was the creator of series of articles that disclose criminal activity in the judicial system of New Mexico. He was brought to trial for a murder since he had shot at one of the judges mentioned in the articles during a squabble at a hotel in Las Vegas.

In the period when Magee moves to Oklahoma City in order to begin his work at the local newspaper Oklahoma News, the town had the same problem typical to most of America’s city zones. There wasn’t enough space to park because of the quickly increasing number of cars that were swarming the town’s business district. When he was asked to offer a solution to this problem Carl Magee got the idea of Park-o-Meter. The first operating parking was displayed in public for the first time in the beginning of May 1935. Its appearance stirred up a debate about the advantages and disadvantages of such type of parking meter with coins. The biggest objectors to the idea for a parking with coins considered it un-American. They were against the idea for such a parking because in this way the drivers were obliged to pay taxes on their automobiles without a law process.


Първи паркинг автомат


Despite the fact that the parking created opposition, the first installation of parking meters was done by Dual Parking Meter Company in July  1935. The parking tax for one hour cost a nickel and the parking lots were set at a distance of 6m. from one another close to the street curb.  The separate parking places were marked with paint lines on the asphalt. Very soon Magee’s “creation” gained popularity in the city and became a favourite parking spot for the retailers. They liked the idea of meter parkings because they enhanced a quick and effective regulation of  the customers’ cars. Oklahoma drivers started to consider t parking meters as an essential and inevitable factor for proper control over parking.

In the beginning of the 40s coin-paid parking meters were more than 140, 000 in the United States. Today Park-o-Meter No. 1 is put on display in Statehood Gallery of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Първи съвременен паркинг


Therefore by realizing Carl Magee’s idea an order was put into the parking chaos in Oklahoma City. But this idea created the requirement for every parking to ensure a maximum convenience to the drivers. And this is the main goal of parking Park&Fly situated nearby Sofia Airport. It is very close to Terminals 1 and 2 (at a distance1-1,4 km from Terminal 1 and at a distance of  2- 2,2 km from Terminal 2).

The parking offers all its customers the convenient option to leave their car at a safe place before their flight at an affordable price. It prevents them from worrying about their car during their entire travel. The parking offers 200 covered individual cells and each cell is equipped with a carport which protects the car from rain, snow, hail and sun. The parking has a toilet for the customers and is well-lighted.

This parking offers super convenient and time-saving services such as car wash, fuel recharge, storage of car keys, tires check and tire-pressure regulation if it’s necessary. This will definitely save you the need to worry about where on the road you can check your car’s tires, where you can refuel and whether your car has enough fuel.

The parking offers also accumulator recharge in case it doesn’t work. In this way you can be sure that after arriving from your travel you will find your car in a perfectly clean state.

Besides, all customers of the parking can use additional services like free 24-hour transport to and from the airport with a minivan owned by the parking. It’s offered the additional service of valet parking . One of the parking’s employees meets the customer before their flight and drives their car to the parking. And upon their arrival, the employee drives the car from the parking to the airport and welcomes the customer. If you want this service, you need to request it at least one day in advance.

The polite and professional staff of the parking are available to their customers 24/7 and ready to answer all their questions and requests related to parking. Every customer receives a card with a phone number which they have to call when they arrive. After doing this an employee of the parking will come within 7-8 min. to meet the customer at the airport and drive them to the parking. The parking’s workers will also help you with your luggage.  


With the help of Park & Fly it’s no longer necessary to lose your valuable time in searching for a parking lot before your flight. Everything is so easy and handy: you reserve a parking place, park your car and everything that is left to do is enjoy your flight.