PARK&FLY’s work process and how easy it is with us!

icon 09-02-2018

Have you ever thought how easy can be for you to find a place to park before flying off from the airport? 


Have you ever fallen in a situation where you are searching for a place to park in the last moment before your flight?

If you do, then you probably realize that such situations require convenient, fast and reliable solution for our car. Imagine you are going to Sofia Airport and very easily and without trouble you park your car without worrying about it and then go to your flight care free. Park&Fly parking can help you park your car extremely easy and conveniently before your flight and guarantee yourself  a completely calm flight. You don’t need to worry anymore about whether your car is in safe hands during your whole travel. Just reserve a parking spot, park your car and you are ready to fully enjoy your plane ride.



What we offer?

Parking Park&Fly is situated close to Sofia Airport and offers more that 200 covered parking spots. Each individual cell is equipped with a carport which protects the car from sunlight, rain, snow and hail. The parking is well-lighted and offers toilet for the clients. Our professional and polite staff is available 24/7. We offer you a secure parking space for your car, which guarantees your peace of mind throughout your journey. We also store your car keys until your arrival and offer you services like  loading with fuel, car wash which will save you not only valuable time and money but with these services you save yourself much trouble. There is no need anymore to worry about in what condition you will find your car after you arrive. While your car is at our parking, we can clean it, check the tires and regulate them if necessary. We offer you also the option to charge your car’s accumulator if it doesn’t work. This will save you the trouble of searching for a place to charge while being on the road.



Why our services are a good choice?

With the help of our accessible and convenient services you will be not only sure that your car is parked on a safe and weatherproof spot but you will also get it back polished, in a spotless condition and ready for the road. Another handy and time-saving service we offer you is a free and fast 24-hour transfer to and from the airport for all our clients with our minivan. Every client has the additional option to choose this service whenever they like. We offer you also the handy service valet parking. One of our workers will meet you at the airport before your flight and will drive your car to the parking. Upon your arrival they will bring your car back to the airport. If you want this service, you should request it at least one day in advance.


You need to take a couple of easy steps to make a reservation of a parking lot. You can do this quickly and easily on the web site Паркинг.net or or call  0899 66 66 60. In the reservation form you need to write your name, family name, personal phone number, car model, registration number, number of passengers, arrival and departure date. It’s so easy: you reserve a parking lot, park and start enjoying your flight.


We from parking Park & Fly offer our clients additional services like "taking the car from the airport before flight " or "bringing the car to the airport upon arrival " at the affordable price of 10lv. When you are back from your travel, call the number from the card we will give you. We will come within 7-8 min. and we will drive you from the airport to the parking. We offer you also help with your luggage.


Parking Park&Fly offers low and affordable prices to its clients.

Our parking is situated at 1839- Sofia, at the intersection of the streets Mimi Balkanska and Iztochna Tangenta. It’s located really close to Terminals 1 и 2 (at a distance of 1-1,4 km from Terminal 1 and at a distance of  2- 2,2 km from Terminal).  


Here is how to find us:

Bul. Bruksel: If you are arriving from Bruksels Blvd., drive to the traffic light in front of Terminal 1 of the Airport, then turn left. Pass by the Ibis Hotel, then the Government Airport and you arrive at Park and Fly Park.

Bul. Botevgradsko Shosse: If you are arriving from Botevgradsko shosse Blvd, drive until you pass the Airport and take the exit toward the Airport. Turn left onto Iztochna Tangent Street straight until you pass district Hristo Botev and you arrive at Park and Fly Park.


We await you on your chosen  date. Our polite staff will assist you with your luggage. Upon reservation you will receive a card with the parking’s phone number you should call after your arrival so that one of our workers will come to you when you are at the airport already. With our  automobile (van) we will transport you to Sofia Airport (Тerminals 1 or 2). If you have any questions or some specific requirements, our staff will answer to all of your requests.


Have a nice trip!

Welcome again!