With Park&Fly parking has never been more easy!

icon 30-01-2018

With Park&Fly parking has never been more easy!

You have a flight from Sofia airport and you wonder where to leave your car on a convenient place while you are flying? You want to find a safe place to park without asking friends for help? There is a great option for parking your car on a safe spot saving you the worry about finding a suitable parking lot or wondering where your car will be in safe. Park&Fly is an excellent choice for you when it comes to parking. Forget about the unnecessary waiting or wasting your time in searching for a right place to park before departing from the airport. You no longer need to worry about what is going to happen with your car. Do you know that there is a new and accessible way to find a safe spot for your car when you have a flight. With the help of Park&Fly parking close to Sofia airport you save valuable time and money while enjoying your flight without any worry.

You will be amazed how easy it is to park your car before departing to the desired destination without worrying much where to park your car before your flight and what tax you have to pay. Parking Park&Fly is located close to Sofia Airport near Terminal 1 at a distance of 1-1,4 km and Terminal 2 at a distance of  2- 2,2 km and offers more than 200 parking lots. Every parking space is fitted out with an individual shelter that protects the car from rain, snow and hail. This parking offers its clients different amazingly convenient and time-saving vehicle maintenance services .

Park And Fly Sofia
Park And Fly Sofia

24-hour service

You will be surprised by the convenience and the security this parking provides you with as well as its really low prices that start from 1lv. for a period of 1 hour to 6lv. for 1 day. The parking offers its corporate clients special prices for more subscriptions. Cancellation of reservation is completely free for all clients. The parking offers 24 hour service 7 days a week and also offers storage of keys and toilet for customers. If you cannot make a parking lot reservation by yourself, your employee can do this for you.

The parking also offers transport to and from the airport with the firm’s minivan which is a completely free service. To reserve a parking lot you need to complete only 3 steps: make a reservation of a parking lot beforehand, park your car and just start enjoying your airplane travel. The reservation process is very easy and you can make reservation by phone or on the parking’s website. Parking Park & Fly not only provides you with a convenient and safe space where you can park your vehicle whenever you like but also offers you a lot of services. You will find there different additional optional services such as:  car wash which helps every customer save time and effort and get sparkling clean car ready for the road. The parking offers 24-hour available transfer from the airport to the parking during customer’s departure and giving back the car from the parking to the airport upon arrival. All customers can take advantage of valet parking service. One of the parking’s workers will drive you to the airport and then meet you back upon arrival with your own car. This service requires reservation at least 1 day in advance.The parking offers tires checking and regulation, if it’s necessary, also accumulator charging in case the car’s accumulator doesn’t work or the engine cannot start.  The option for fuel loading is also offered which gives you the chance to travel with your car after your arrival without having to worry about refueling or tire checks.

The parking’s professional and polite staff will answer all your questions. You can send them an email with your inquiries if you have some specific wishes or requirements.


Sofia Airport

Do you know that the biggest international airport in Bulgaria – Sofia Airport is one of the European airports that develop at the fastest rate. Also, another interesting fact is that Sofia Airport had more than 30% increase in the passengers during 2017.


Sofia Airport  


We show you here brief statistics:


More than five and a half million were served by Sofia Airport in the beginning of 2017. It’s remarkable that there was a record increase in the number of passengers in every month of 2017. For example, 36% from all passengers have passed through Terminal 1 and 64% have passed through Terminal 2.

A total of 25 airline companies operate flights from and to Sofia Airport and passengers have the option to choose from 68 destinations in Europe and the Middle East.

International flights have increased by 18% while domestic flights almost doubled their number, from 12 000 passengers in the first 10 months in 2016 to 23 000 for the same period in 2017.

The last year marks a record in the airport’s history. The total number of served passengers in 2017 is close to six million and a half (6 490 096), which means an increase by 30,3% for the whole year.

An increase of 11,3% is also noticed in the aircraft flights in 2017. A total of 57 670 airplanes took off and landed on the airport.

Usually the busiest months when it comes to number of served passengers are July, August and September with more than 600 000 passengers for each of the months.

The most favourite destinations during the last year are: Rome, Munich, Frankfurt, Milan, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Madrid, Varna, Tel Aviv.

More than 50 000 aircraft took off and have landed on Sofia Airport and there was also a considerable increase in cargo shipments. Sofia Airport has processed around 2000 tons of mail and cargo shipments which marks 21% increase in comparison to the same period during the last year.

The number of processed mail and cargo shipments is similar to this of last year’s shipments and it’s estimated to be 21 thousand tons per year. The winter schedule of Sofia Airport offers its passengers more than 20 airline companies operating direct flights to 63 European and Middle-eastern destinations.